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    2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Brand new here, kinda trapped inside on Long Island, just everybody else. Gotta say, vaping has saved the day, not for the first time.

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    • Hey @bravesst Welcome! Long Island I hear? I’m originally an east coast soul myself. Philly to be exact. Hope to be engaging with you and others more often. One point about HotBox. We have an activity points system you can use for discounts on the products we are adding in the coming months. Depending on the products and the amount of points, you can save from 10% to 50% off on all CBD products. We are working on this now so the more actions you take the more HotBox points you can get. We do have some Mojito flavored CBD Vapes coming out real soon. I think you’ll like those.

    • Also, we’re a free speech platform for all so we only block post of comments that are threatening someone else’s life or crimes committed. Otherwise, feel free to engage about anything you’d like! 😀👍💯 Also, in your profile page you have an “invite friends” tab that you can use to invite your friends. We are going to start giving 20 points simply for sending invites to confirmed email addresses. 20 points per invitation. Then use those points for discounts on all our products.

    • Welcome! Hope Long Island’s treating you well. Just shared an article above. A little something to read while you’re trapped. It’ll all be over soon enough. Stay upbeat! 😉

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