Notifications Settings

In order to make changes to your notifications settings, you must first go to your user profile settings, make sure to select the account settings on the left hand sidebar menu option. A dropdown menu will open with the third option "Notifications". Select this option to view the available notification settings. An image is provided to the left for your convenience.


In this section, you can turn off or on a multitude of notification settings. The available options are:

  • Mentions Notifications
  • Replies Notifications
  • Messages Notifications
  • Friendship Requested Notifications
  • Friendship Accepted Notifications
  • Group Invitations Notifications
  • Group information Notifications
  • Group Admin Promotion Notifications
  • Join Group Notifications
  • Group Membership Request Notifications

Always remember to select the "Save Changes" button to submit your changes. If you experience errors, please feel free to reach us at your earliest convenience with as much details as you can about the error.

Notifications Settings

Go Back to your Profile page

Once your notification setting changes have been updated, you can go back to your profile page by selecting the profile icon to the left hand-side of the page. It is the yellow person icon/button just directly above your base user profile settings.

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