Blocking a Member

If a HotBox member is violating our rules and policies by harassing or threating you, the first thing you must do, in order to prohibit a member from reaching out to you in our platform is to "REPORT THEM TO HOTBOX", you can follow the link provided to learn how to report a user. Additionally, you can block the user by selecting the block member button on the top right of their profile page. An image has been provided for your convenience.

Blocking a Member

Blocked Reason

When you decide to block a member, the HotBox team wants to know about this in the case that a user may be violating our standards of use and terms policy. Once you choose to block a member, a submission form will display allowing you to tell us why. If you report this user to the HotBox team, while blocking them and explaining what has transpired, our team will use this information to take the proper measures to either suspend, block or remove the user. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation notification prior to leaving the page.

Block Diologue Box


We do not suspend, block or remove users from our platform for basic Constitutional Free Speech Rights. Only for reasons related to general criminal activities, harassment and child related crimes.

Block Member Settings

Accessing Blocked List

In order to access your blocked members list, you must first go to your user profile settings, make sure to select "account settings" on the left hand sidebar menu option. A dropdown menu will open with the option "Blocked Members". Select this option to view the available notification settings. An image is provided to the left for your convenience.

Blocked Members List

After selecting "Blocked Members" from the account settings list, the right hand-side of your page will load with a list of all the HotBox members you have blocked and kept blocked since you joined. In this list you also have the option to unblock members you want to reach out to again. Remember, we're here to connect, sometimes, holding on to grudges can be like taking poison, while expecting the other person to die from it. It's just not always good for the body or your health.

Block Member List

Go Back to your Profile page

Once your gone through your blocked member settings, you can go back to your profile page by selecting the profile icon to the left hand-side of the page. It is the yellow person icon/button just directly above your base user profile settings.

User Profile