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We aim to make our platform as user friendly as possible. In an effort to accomplish this, you can now find some of the most useful documentations on how to use HotBox social platform. Whether you're looking to learn how to make use of our many widgets to help you customize your profile, or maybe you want to learn how to increase your friends and followers via your contact list. You can find many of the information you're searching for below.

Register for a Profile

All profiles created must be confirmed via the email link your will receive shortly after registering. You must copy and paste the key in the activate page where you will be redirected to, if the key isn't automatically aggregated in the input text field. You can register for your profile here.

If you want to learn how to register, you can follow these steps.

Accessing User Settings

You can access your user settings very quickly from your user profile page. First you must be logged in and select your profile icon, if you're in the HotBox home page. If you're on your profile, go to the right hand-side of your profile's top navigation menu, you will see an image profile icon with a down arrow next to the right. These are user setting options you can access.

If you want step by step instructions on this subject and more, visit our documentation.

Profile Setting Options

If you're looking to update or change your:

Then, what you want, are profile setting options. Follow any of the links above to get step by step instructions on how to navigate and use these options.

Account Setting Options

If you're looking to update or change your:

Then please follow any of the links provided above to get step by step instructions on how to navigate through these options.

Widget Setting Options

Our widgets allow you to do some pretty cool stuff with your profile. You can customize your profile page based on the widgets you like to use for your personal or business needs. If you're looking to integrate all of your social profiles on the side of your profile page, all you need to do is visit the social widget, add your social links and watch the links automatically populate on your page, it's that easy. You can find this and many more widgets to customize your profile page by following any of the links below.

  • Skills - Business Orientated
  • Portfolio - Business Orientated
  • Slideshow - Business, Personal
  • Services - Business Orientated
  • Project - Business Orientated
  • Quote - Business, Personal
  • Link - Business, Personal
  • Video - Business, Personal
  • Post - Business, Personal
  • Instagram - Personal
  • Flickr - Personal