Data Deletion Policy

As one of our users, HotBox.Social has given you control over your profile/account and all of the possible policy protection access we could provide. Included in these privacy protection tools is the ability to completely delete your account from your end of the HotBox experience.

If you cannot delete all of your data, our data deletion policy requires that you make a request to

Additionally, you have the option to export all of your personal data that you have entered into our system by simply visiting your account settings. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. First, log into your profile at
  2. Visit your profile wall page by selecting your avatar icon in the top right box of the home page.
  3. On your primary profile menu you will see your avatar icon to the far right side of your profile page with a down arrow. Select the arrow for a dropdown menu.
  4. On this dropdown menu, you will select Account Settings. Once in Account settings, follow thru to the next step.
  5. On the left sidebar your will see Account Setting options. Select the option to "Export Data".
  6. Below the list of possible data you may request to export, you will see a button labeled "Request Personal Data Export". Select this option.
  7. Once selected you will get a confirmation that a request to export data has been sent to the administrative team. Once it is approved, the team will make sure you receive a link to download your data.
  8. Once you receive the link, follow its instruction to download your data. You're all set!

Alternatively, you can follow our data deletion policy option that allows you to reach out to our team directly via email as stated above in this data deletion policy. You will need to make sure the following details are included to confirm that the right team will receive your request.

  1. Make a request to
  2. In the subject line you must enter "Requesting my Account be Deleted Promptly Please".
  3. Let us know if you wish to have your data exported and a link sent to you for download. You will be recommended to follow the export instructions first. This option is only available if something goes wrong with your download.
  4. Alternatively, you can advise our team to simply delete and remove all of your data.
  5. Please wait for a response from our team. Once we have done so, one of our representatives will swiftly contact you to confirm your data has been removed.
  6. Thank you for being a part of the HotBox community and we hope to see you again soon.